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Fast. Simple. Communications and Learning App.

Your employees spend a lot of time on mobile. With data getting cheaper and faster, it’s time to leverage this for employee engagement.

Presenting “tikkle” the employee communications and mobile learning app by engage4more. A mobile app to update and upgrade your employees, remotely and consistently.

‘tikkle’ is the leading solution for internal employee communication and engagement. One place to do all Internal and Business Communication

Product Features


Tikkle solves all your business communication and corporate learning needs. Use tikkle to educate

Micro-Modules for Learning

Byte-size e-learning ensures easy comprehension of otherwise long and difficult content.

Performance report & Analytics

Performance review after every quiz helps you track every employee’s learning journey.

Certificate to encourage

Every learning milestone awarded certificate to continuously motivate your workforce.

Incentivize via credit system

Achieve employee motivation through a reward system.


A powerful broadcasting tool for internal communication.

Powerful Broadcasting Engine

Internal communication that will make all employees aware instantly.

Take Quizzes for improvement

Give your employees a simple yet powerful gamified learning and quizzes to check the information gained.

Polls and Surveys for feedback

Conduct periodic employee engagement surveys for quick decision making.


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